Richard is one of New Zealand’s most active organ teachers, and currently works with both teenage and adult students. Lessons normally take place at the Wellington Cathedral of St Paul on the main organ, and practice space is available for his pupils in the cathedral’s Lady Chapel. Several of his pupils have also held organ scholar positions at the cathedral, and some have continued to further study at university.

He is currently writing his own organ tutor which covers many aspects of organ playing, ranging from pedal technique through to more advanced aspects like ornamentation, hymn playing and transposition. The tutor also contains an extensive amount of organ repertoire – his teaching philosophy is based around primarily using repertoire as teaching material rather than exercises.

When learning the organ it can be difficult to find opportunities to perform in public, and also to watch in detail experienced organists play. Because of this, the cathedral hosts an annual organ pupils recital, where all organ students in Wellington are given an opportunity to play. Pupils are also encouraged to perform short pieces as organ voluntaries at cathedral services, and also to assist at the organ with registration and page turning.

If you are interested in learning the organ then please contact Richard using the link above.