Musicalische Vorstellung einiger biblischer Historien

Cover : Musicalische Vorstellung einiger biblischer Historien

The sonatas (published in 1700) are rarely performed or recorded, but are tremendously exciting and pictorial works. Kuhnau employs a vast array of styles and forms to achieve this – including battle scenes, music representing the depths of despair and even a figure to depict the pebble fired from David’s slingshot hurtling towards Goliath, followed by the giant staggering to his death

They are based on six stories found in the Old Testament:

The combat between David and Goliath
The melancholy of Saul assuaged by means of music
The wedding of Jacob
Hezekiah’s illness and restoration to health
Gideon the saviour of the people of Israel
The tomb of Jacob

Recorded at St Paul’s Lutheran Church, Wellington

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